Meet our community at AGILE


Casper Peh

Co-Founder & CEO
Svested Pte. Ltd.

Dennis Poh

Founder & CEO

Lee Desmond Bernavey

Founder & CEO
Farmhouse Incubation

Stanley Chia

Co-founder & COO
Cialfo Pte. Ltd.

Current Startups

Air Group

Air Group provides customised face recognition access solutions to maximise businesses’ profitability, boost operational productivity while empowering them to deliver a unique access experience that is safe and secure.


Finute is an award-winning education technology company that merges education and play through technology to empower the next generation of learners.

Founded in 2020, we are headquartered in Singapore and provide engaging experiences to the younger generations.

Hexa Systems

HEXA Systems empower businesses with intelligent analytics by leveraging our digital transformation tools to digitise and automate workflow & analytics.

Home Match

HomeMatch is the safest place for homeowners to meet renovation vendors providing matching with CaseTrust accredited interior firms and Interior Designers/Contractors who are the most capable in meeting clients unique needs.

Kato Kato

KatoKato is a social commerce solution that integrates messaging applications to provide a complete shopping experiences allowing vendors to promote, stream, chat and sell.


Keypler, a software service provider which assure vendors receive payments upon milestones achieved or work completion.


TINK embarks on a mission to bring Singapore to the next level of digitization. Unfortunately, hawkers and small businesses often lack the capacity to adopt digital solutions for their business. TINK strives to uncover the benefits of technology to create solutions to solve the problems of our local businesses - ultimately digitizing our country.

True World Studios

TrueWorld Studios is a space to build realities like games, animation, XR production and AR/VR solutions. We don't stop there.

We empower creators like ourselves by building technical solutions that enhance the production of animation and other related verticals.

TrueWorld Studios is not just a business, it is a catalyst for creators.


uWave is Singapore's fastest growing Gen Z community-based social networking app. Discover your next Food Destination, Beauty Goals, Spots to Visit from the lifestyle and community platform.


ZilLearn is a unified learning ecosystem comprising AI-based creation studio, Social-media like learning channels, Big-data driven skills analytics, career agility focused courses plus, and large enterprise smart learning workplace.

ZilLearn is a Kydon Group start-up company, and holds an office at Sandbox to serve an industry partnership objective to outreach the local education community and help them transform digitally.

Graduated Startups


AllForU aggregates undergraduates through a centralized portal that guides students in better decision making and connects them to an ecosystem of opportunities with companies and vendors. This makes the onboarding, assimilation and growth of students in institutions seamless and hassle-free. The current 4G ecosystem consists of sponsorship, custom apparel printing, food catering and millennial marketing.

Generation Connect

Generation Connect develops rehabilitation products for dementia patients.


Kalpha is a peer-to-peer mobile platform in the Education-Technology space where individuals can connect and meet up to learn skills, experiences and knowledge on a 1-to-1 basis. The Kalpha App is available in both Google Playstore and Apple App Store.


Proa is a digital platform for the maritime industry that streamlines and optimizes operations.


SmoothWorks is a RoboCPF for automated financial advisory and financial health check.


ConceptSmith is a multidisciplinary design & branding agency that is dedicated to help F&B business to identify, distinguish their brand and communicate through creative solutions and visuals. ConceptSmith specialises in branding as a core approach, to create a unique brand identity and ensuring consistency onto multiple touch points such as brand collaterals, product and packaging design, interior design, web design, and develop new retail solutions.


JoyfulPerson is the mobile micro-learning solution for frontline workers, enabling rapid upskilling and organisational excellence.

JoyfulPerson works closely with strategic content partners to convert their existing content into micro-learning courses. These courses are offered to enterprise clients, to be deployed swiftly to their frontline workers.

JoyfulPerson helps to improve workplace safety, customer service and product knowledge.

Position Five

Position Five is an events management company that provides a wide array of services, ranging from events management to digital strategy.


RadX provides AR & VR solutions for conferences, exhibitions and networking events.


FATfreq is Singapore's fastest-growing In-Ear Monitor (IEM) company, providing high-quality IEMs and innovative systems to every musician and sound engineers in the world. FATfreq’s IEMs are exclusively made in Singapore.