The AGILE Space

Features & Amenities at AGILE

AGILE features about 900m2 of space as a nexus for Students, Startups, and Industry to meet and connect through curated programmes, facilitated by cutting edge technology and intelligent space design to enable Intelligent Operations, Workplace of the Future and Digital Campus life.  


Just a stone’s throw away from the Convention Centre, the Hangout@UOB is a new air-conditioned community space for students to gather and hold meetings, or to simply squeeze in a quick study sesh at.

Open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and decked out with an interactive digital wall featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, come on down to chill, study or discuss your next business venture and enjoy our conducive discussion tables and plush seats!


The AGILE space has incubation facilities to house 10 startups with plug and play facilities and accelerated programmes to help the startups build sustainable businesses.

For profiles of these startups, please view here.

Intelligent Operations

AGILE is unique for its usage of NP community tokens, an in-house capability building digital token project which we co-developed with NP alumni startups to activate vending machines and futsal tables.

There is also a SandBox App for ecosystem development between students and startups through a learning and sharing platform.

Canvas Yoghurt Café

After a long day at work, enjoy a respite from the hustle and bustle at the Canvas Yoghurt Café at Hangout@UOB.

Dedicated Offices

Each startup has a dedicated office and workspaces.